Our Thematic Focus

VIG use’s gender-transformative and conflict sensitive approaches to help shape policies and frameworks to address the unique needs of women, children, youth and religious minorities.

Conflict Analysis and Peace Building

We deeply acknowledge the intersectionality of discrimination and inequality faced by vulnerable populations. We have dedicated ourselves to the critical areas of de-radicalisation, countering violent extremism, and building resilient communities for sustainable peacebuilding.

Gender Equity

We recognise the disproportionate impact on individuals and communities, influenced by factors such as gender, age, disability, geography, ethnicity, sexual identity etc. We are committed to an intersectional and gender-transformative approach in all our work, ensuring that resources are distributed equitably and that the voices and needs of marginalised individuals are heard and addressed.


Gender-Based Violence

Drawing on our extensive experience in both conflict and non-conflict zones, our team of experts has developed comprehensive programmes, toolkits, policies, and capacity-building initiatives focused on addressing gender-based violence.


Social Inclusion

Our work centers on engaging and supporting individuals and communities who face barriers to access due to stigma and discrimination associated with their social status and identities.

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