High quality

With access to local partners over 50 countries, we deliver high-quality products whether it's research, an evaluation, a learning piece or a policy/programme report. We make sure voices of the most vulnerable are at the heart of what we do.

Efficient support

Our efficiency is defined by our project and time management skills. From the outset we strategise on timely submission of all the deliverables. We remain transparent and accountable.

Gender equity

We support organisations in ensuring intersectional and gender transformative approaches to their work through evidence and learning. We ensure resources are distributed equitably.


We take a survivor centred approach, and capture lived realities. We report incidences of SGBV and harmful practices and systematic violence perpetuated in public and private spaces.

Social Inclusion

We ensure excluded groups are engaged in decision making processes when it comes to accessing critical resources. We provide support in getting emergency aid through our partnerships with local activitsts and organisations on the ground.

Diversity & Inclusion

We support organisations in developing skills to make their work environment more inclusive. We coach and help develop skills to manage and lead a truly diverse workforce towards success.


We ensure the principles of safeguarding and do-no harm approach throughout our project cycle. We employ strict ethical procedures ensuring that the most vulnerable remain safe and protected.