Empowering Minds: Mental Health Workshops Uplift Underserved Employees in Dhaka

On the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, Vashi Impact Group collaborated with Exemplary Consulting and BYEAH to provide transformative mental health workshops for the employees of Pearl Global and Majumdar Garments Ltd. many of whom come from under resourced communities.

Workshops in in Dhaka, Bangladesh, were led by clinical psychologist Ms. Moslema Afruzzahan. The sessions equipped workers with practical tools to prioritise their mental well-being, despite the daily challenges they face such as financial stress, limited healthcare access, and social stigma. The workshops provided a rare opportunity for these individuals to focus on their mental health and gain much-needed support.

The enthusiastic participation of the attendees highlighted the growing recognition of mental health’s importance, especially for those without prior access to such resources. These workshops empowered employees to break free from the shame and silence surrounding mental well-being struggles in under resourced communities.

It is inspiring to see companies like Pearl Global and Majumdar Garments Ltd. championing mental health initiatives for their workforce, particularly those facing unique challenges. By fostering inclusive environments where all employees can thrive, these companies set a commendable example.

Let us continue breaking down the stigma surrounding mental well-being, especially for those in under resourced communities who face additional barriers to accessing support.

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